In a competitive environment where players constantly need to re-assess their position, the world's leading producer of steel abrasives hs a duty to provide innovative abrasive and services that are impeccables qualtity.

1-PLAN :

  • Identify the emergy consumers; know as energy uses
  • Analyze energy consumptions
  • Determine the Significant Energy Uses
  • Know and respect our regulatory requirements and other requirements
  • Encourage the purchase of products and energy-efficient services
  • Determine clear and reachable objectives, in terms of energy consumption, coordinated by Energy Performance indicators


  • Optimize the consumptions of gas and electricity of the site in particular of the furnace, the auxiliaries and the hardening furnace
  • Integrate energy performance into the maintenance of our infrastructures and into the choice of our equipment, process and method of work
  • Study all the opportunities and all the investments to minimize the quantity of energy consumed by the significant uses identified by the SMé
  • Promote an Energy behavior and make sure that the entire staff, present on site adopts this behavior
  • Communicate, train and inform the entire staff about best pactices regarding reduction of the energy consumption


  • Set up measures allowing to continuously follow the various uses and consumptions of energy
  • Measure the achievement of our objectives and more globally our energy performance
  • Set up a monitoring system of the energy non-compliance


  • Review regularly the contents and the performance of our energy management system
  • Launch a permanent and structured process of continuous improvement while supplying the ressources necessary to achieve this objective

This challenge should constantly stimulate us and must be reflected in the attitudes and behaviors of all our employees.