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Our experts inspect your overall blasting process, implement the correct air separator settings and any necessary hot spot adjustment to minimize wear and reduce your operation costs.



Blast Pattern Controls / Hot Spot Adjustment / Amp Efficiency Checks / Flow Optimization


Do you know the consequences of improper hot-spot setting?

Extra wear on blasting room shieldings and blasting wheel housing
Extra consumption of abrasive
Loss of blasting efficiency (= non-quality)

20% of the hot-spot area located on shieldings cause:

+10% abrasive consumption
-15% efficiency
+5% extra-wear of blasting room shieldings
+20-25% on the total blasting cost for a 8 x 22 kW wheel machine


Blast Wheels / Air Separator Control & Adjustment / Material Handling system / Abrasive Reclaim System
/ Operating Mix Analysis / Waste Analysis


Do you know that poor air separator setting is one of the main causes of wear?

  • Too fine O.M.
  • Extra-wear on wheel blades
  • Too coarse O.M.
  • Low coverage higher blasting time extra-wear
  • Dust or sand in O.M.
  • Heavy extra-wear

Sand content of the operating mix has a major influence on blades lifetime.


Roughness Check with perthometer / Roughness Check 3D / Visual Cleanliness Result Evaluation
/ WA Clean cleanliness evaluation / Dust Analysis with Dust Kit Test / Coverage Rate

Strong through our wealth of experience, our engineers have developped exclusive technologies which will allow you to analyze your blasting performance. Each blasting issue has its own technology :

This patented and ISO certified technology is used to check the cleanliness of a blasted base material in accordance with international standards, independently of any human interpretation.
It reads, quantifies and archives the degree of surface cleanliness you have achieved.

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This was developed on the basis of more than ten years’ experience in cost reduction in the field of blasting.
This technology is used to determine and reduce blasting costs. A version has been developed specifically for surface preparation operations.

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This allow you to visualise the roughness profile of a blasted surface in the form of a 3D representation.
It opens up the possibility of using roughness parameters to optimize the quality along with cost of your blasting process and also painting & coating stage.

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