No accident! Conscious that its teams are its strength, WINOA, the world's leading manufacturer of steel shot, is committed to improving the safety of its staff and offering them an ever-safer working environment.


This approach, which must be adopted by all employees, involves the following points:

1-PLAN :

  • Identify dangers, evaluate risks and set up preventive and corrective actions to prevent physical injury and threats to health that could be connected with our activity;

  • Comply with legal and other requirements related to health and safety at work;

  • Set up a Health & Safety at Work management system to achieve the company's objective of  zero accidents.


2-DO :

  • Communicate, train and inform all staff, including sub-contractors and visitors, in relation to best practice in the fields of health, safety and risk prevention;

  • Set up exercises to manage the emergency situations in the steelworks

  • Improve working conditions, particularly in terms of dust and noise at workstations;

  • Encourage safety-oriented behavior, and make sure that all the staff present on the site will adopt this behavior,  and more particularly through the identification of risk behaviors

  • Promote the role of the Committee for Health and Safety at Work and consolidate it in its tasks of risk prevention and communication with staff;

  • Develop preventative inspections to reduce risks of accident and improve safety at workstations.



  • Regularly review the content and performance of our Health & Safety at Work management system.


4-ACT :

  • Launch a permanent and structured improvement process to eliminate or reduce risks connected to our activity.



Safety is the affair of everyone.
Our aim is that every person will go home safe and healthy every day.

Policy established on 12/12/14.

Health & Safety Committee.

Health & Safety Manager.

Plant Manager.


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