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Friday 28 january 2022 - 06:23

Creating tomorrow with an innovative partner

Innovation is part of W Abrasives' DNA

W Abrasives maintains its place as leader in the sector by anticipating its customers’s requirements to create innovative technologies. Finding new solutions to help customers improve their industrial processes drives the company’s everyday decisions.

New products, services and technologies with high-added value

Winoa's techical expertise is amplified by its technological research and development. It is a constant quest that enables W Abrasives to bring new high value-added products, services or technologies to the market.
W Abrasives' products and services comply with stringent quality criteria according to international standards PREMIUM products to meet specific requirements of certain customers and applications.


Flagship products

Onsite This high-performance angular abrasives improves productivity in surface preparation operations, using compressed air.

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Onsite This combination of round and angular abrasives with special thermal treatment optimizes the balance between productivity and machine wear for removing grit from foundry components.

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graphique This high-performance angular abrasives improves productivity of grit removal operations on foundry components.

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Exclusive technologies are created for inspecting blasting processes.

Hot spot audit of the blasting installation.
Objective and quantitative measure of dust rates on components after blasting.
Objective and quantitative measure of cleanliness of components after blasting.
Use of roughness parameters that were impossible to access up to now by visualizing roughness profile of a blasted surface in the form of a 3D representation.




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