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  • W Abrasives Windmills surface preparation Customized solutions for surface preparation of wind turbines.
  • Toyo Seiko High durability conditioned Cut Wire for shot peening applications
  • Every day, thousands of manufacturers around the world looking for new ways to reduce their production costs. Among the many dilemmas they face, there is one recurring question: "how to reduce the cost of my shot-blasting operations?"
  • Premium products, unique services, innovative technologies, we work hard to provide the best solutions and to position ourself as a key success factor for our clients.
  • We supply our customers with a high-quality products and related technical services provided by our technical experts and our test centers.
  • Select your market, choose an application and find your blasting solution.

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  • Winoa signs an agreement with Toyo Seiko

    a winning combination for the shot peening end users, by merging Toyo Seiko's high performance products with Winoa's high service level and expertise.

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  • World leader for Steel Abrasives.

    W Abrasives is an innovative and eco-friendly solution provider for all your blasting operations : desanding, deburring, descaling, shot-peening, surface preparation before coating, stone cutting ...

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