Sales accelerator in the bustling segment of shot peening in the car and aeronautics industries

WINOA, the world leader in steel abrasives is a French company established in the heart of the Alps and has signed a distribution agreement with the Japanese company TOYO SEIKO, the world leader in conditioned cut-wire shot. Toyo Seiko is the only provider in the world offering cut wire of "HD" (High Durability) quality, obtained due to a unique and patented production process. The "HD" quality allows users to optimize both the total cost of shot blasting and their environmental footprint by improving their process efficiency by approximately 30%.
With this agreement, Winoa plans to increase its shot-peening sales in both the car industry, where market developments such as vehicles becoming lighter which creates the needs for more and more specific shot blasting solutions, and in the aerospace industry by leveraging the certifications Toyo Seiko has already been granted by customers such as Boeing, GE, Pratt & Whitney.
As Pierre Escolier, Winoa’s President, stressed: "We’re proud of signing this agreement with Toyo Seiko. This alliance will create an unparalleled value proposition in the cut-wire shot market thanks to the combination of Toyo Seiko’s high-value products and of the Winoa group’s high level of service and expertise. It will help accelerate our shot-peening growth by more than 20% a year in strategic industries such as automotive and aerospace."

Winoa at a glance

1961 is the year Wheelabrator Allevard was created. In 2011, the company was renamed WINOA and it aimed at introducing in Europe steel shot blasting, a new cleaning and surface treatment technology. Around 60 years have passed since the French company nestled in the heart of the French Alps saw the day and has now become a world leader in its market, registering a turnover of EUR 302 million, operating 11 plants on 4 continents with more than 1,000 employees (of 20 different nationalities - 19% in France), 6 research and test centers, 80 sales department and logistic warehouses located in 30 countries and more than 10,000 customers in the world, combining local SMEs and major industrial groups in industries as varied as automotive, metallurgy, shipbuilding, railway, aeronautics and construction.
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Toyo Seiko at a glance

Toyo Seiko was founded in Japan on September 15, 1975 and is a company of the MIYAZAKI SEIKO industrial group. It has become the world leader in the manufacturing and sales of premium quality cut wire. The company is managed by Dr. Yoshihiro Watanabe and employs around 100 people at 3 production sites (Japan, Thailand, USA). In 2017, the company registered a turnover of more than USD 40 million. It exports its products in more than 28 countries and its main customers are Toyota, Nissan, Honda, All Nippon Airways….

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