Hello everyone,

At the close of 2015, I applaud the improvement of the economic performance of the group. We will keep in mind everybody’s efforts, while focusing on the strengthening of our alignment behind a common vision of the future, the same set of rules of our business conduct, and the processes that sustain the execution of our strategy.

This performance is all the more remarkable given that we have faced some strong headwinds. China, Russia, India and Brazil, however, experienced downturns that impacted the group’s activity, whereas Europe did not pick up the slack, and North America suffered from a decrease in investments linked to drop in oil prices.

At the beginning of this New Year, I would like to express to you, my wish to lead Winoa successfully in its position of a committed partner towards its customers, by pursuing its efforts of investment, reducing its environmental footprint and looking for new avenues of growth to develop its know-how.

To all the collaborators of Winoa, without whom none of this would be possible, I wish you an excellent year, 2016.

Pierre Escolier