Le Cheylas – May 30-31, 2013
Test Centre

From May 30th to May 31st, Winoa received and organized the working group BNF A 80 for railway standardization, treating the railway paint systems, under the aegis of the Office of Railway Standardization.  This meeting was especially dedicated to the revision of the NF F 19-223 standard, related to the axle protection. The working group consisted of contractors, paint suppliers and axle makers.

The SNCF (French national railways) has already worked with Winoa in the past on surface preparation (car renovation) and shot peening on the wheels.

It was for Winoa an opportunity to introduce our new products and services in the context of surface preparation and shot peening, and to present our European Test Centers, their services, products and tools.

The idea of the partnership with SNCF is to help their suppliers to better characterize blasting process on their pieces (especially wheel axles), to validate all blasting parameters in the context of an investment or process optimization, and to meet the SNCF specifications.

The commission was composed of about twenty people coming from different societies such as AEF (SNCF equipment management lab), CIM (SNCF equipment engineering centre), Alstom, Becker, Bombardier, CAF, Lucchini, Mäder, Valdune and Wilburger.
May 30th, the day of Winoa’s intervention, was dedicated to the awareness to blasting. The invitees were presented with our products, services and projects related to innovation, followed by the plant tour, which was much appreciated. On the following day, Winoa met at the disposition of our guests all facilities needed to hold the meeting of the working group.

Once again Winoa reestablished the strong ties with the rail industry, and this approach was much appreciated by our customer, the SNCF.