KFS held an exhibition of casting for two days, on April, 12th and 13th at Dong-a University in Busan. Our sister company SEOUL Shot seized the opportunity to promote new businesses such as Stelux ranges, and HPG.

Stelux products offers a real ecological alternative compared  to other surface treatment solutions, such as blasting with garnet or aluminum oxide, that generate much more waste and dust emissions, or chemical operations like acid pickling. It also reinforce our willingness to be environment friendly.

HPG; High Performance Grit, is the steel grit that is especially designed to improve shot blasting performance in foundries and forges. This product is appreciated for its performance which reduces the unit cost of blasting process by 15%. Its efficiency allows a higher cleaning result on parts.

Even if we provide steel abrasives, our main success factor is our technical support, and this is what visitors were interested in. Indeed, we will develop further the board and SSK will make it possible to solve anything in the field of shot blasting. So we are launching a new business by selling the spare parts for wheel blasting and air blasting.
Our experts are working all over the world.

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