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An eco-friendly supplier

A naturally environmental activity

W Abrasives is constantly working on reducing its environmental impact:
  • by using exclusively recycled scrap steel for production purposes,
  • by reducing the reliance on energy and consumables,
  • by finding new applications for the co-products created throughout the manufacturing cycle.

All of the production sites are ISO 14001-certified (environmental management system), confirming the relevance of the processes to ensure environmental compliance. The last production plant, in Spain , is one of the most modern and ecological in the world.


MFN // "Most modern and efficient plant of steel shot in the world"

Furthermore, Winoa Group, Which owned the brand W Abrasives, is committed to a proactive approach in terms of energy efficiency, in particular through the obtainment of ISO 50001 Certification energy management.

Winoa Group is also developing new recycling system such as PHENICS service : a mobile blasting system for treating surfaces of large metallic structures (bridges, tanks, tunnels, etc.) with 100% recyclable steel abrasives.

Find all the engaged actions of the Winoa Group in the article : Committed To Protect The Environment

MFN // MAY 2018

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