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Every day, W Abrasives teams guide each customer to find his right solution by selecting the product, technology and service dedicated to his blasting operation.


Each year, the W Abrasives' Test Centers collect millions of data, which are processed by its Application Experts to optimize customers' machinery and develop advanced-level training programs.

A dedicated approach has been implemented and offers to the customers 3 levels of services to help them to improve their use of steel abrasives.

Help you in optimizing your blasting operations.

A team of 20 technical experts guide customers throughout the world every day. The objective is to provide personalized advice:
Guide the choice of steel abrasives and blasting parameters; audit blasting lines and propose improvements; analyze overall blasting costs and propose action plans.

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Listen to and work with the customer.

In the 6 testing centers customers work with W Abrasives technical experts to meet their specific requirements and to optimize their processes or resolve problems encountered in the field. Customers can test different solutions on their own components and confirm the best solution without disturbing their production line.

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Sharing our knowledge and learning from you.

Personalized training in blasting techniques, adapted to the customer’s application, is organized in the 6 Test centers or on the customer site. As a result, customers can discover, explore and test the recommendations made during training.

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