My Success Story with W Abrasives

Success Story of our consulting service in Thailand

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Having received information that a new factory was being built in Thailand in the Chachoengsao region, and there were plans to install blasting machines, we offered the client a machine inspection during the commissioning phase in order to find a way to maximize blasting efficiency.
We provided information in addition to that given by the machine supplier and pointed out the negative impact of using hard grit in a wheel machine; we discussed at length with the client to determine their initial needs and the abrasive specifications that would best suit the aims of their blasting operation.
In order to demonstrate that our approach was different to that of our competitors, we then offered a further specific technical assessment.

Machine inspections
For steel plate and beam surface preparation, we realized that the customer’s first priority was to achieve the desired roughness, and that finding an abrasive of a suitable size would be a key factor in achieving this target.
After checking the operating mix, we noticed that the hard shot tended to break quickly, which is normal for a very hard abrasive, but is not recommended when the target is to achieve a specific roughness using wheel blasting equipment.
We had to find a way to help the customer increase blasting efficiency and productivity while reducing the total blasting cost, and guaranteeing that the required surface profile was achieved.


The recommendation of the machine supplier and abrasives supplier was to fill the machine with a mix of shot and GH grit.
We took time to analyze the machine blasting conditions and the customer's requirements and found that mixing such different grades was not the best choice. So, by capitalizing on our worldwide expertise, we recommended a larger but softer abrasive to achieve the required roughness and reduce the machine wear, and we proposed making these changes gradually and under the watchful eye of our technical monitoring team to obtain conclusive results for the client.

Advantages of our W Abrasives product:
  • A more stable operating mix providing greater safety margins with regard to the desired finish
  • Increased efficiency and greater productivity for the customer in terms of cleanliness and roughness
  • Less wear on the machine bringing blasting costs down by around 30%.

Once again, our offer was not limited to abrasive products. We also supplied real technical expertise on site which opened up the doors to other factories where we can provide the same quality services to our customers, generating profits and building the kind of confidence that is the basis of sustainable customer relationships.

Listening to and satisfying the needs of customers by proposing technical advice as well as quality products: that’s the beginning of fruitful collaboration between them and the W Abrasives technical and sales teams.
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