KOVOBRASIV Mnisek is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary under the theme: Shaping the Future… Together!

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KOVOBRASIV Mnisek was settled 30 years ago, on September 1st 1991, by Winoa (formerly known as Wheelabrator Allevard). However, its history is much richer and goes back much further.

Founded in 1962 under the name Kovohutě Mnisek, KOVOVRASIV has constantly evolved and adapted to the demands and needs of its customers in the field of steel abrasives and surface preparation.

Its very first pour was made in September 1962 and its products were quickly used all over Czechoslovakia. The original production was primarily intended for "low carbon" steel abrasives. However, with the advancement of technology and the demand for better quality materials, the production of high carbon cast steel abrasives began in the 1970s, better suited for surface preparation as well. Since then, thanks to the support of Kovobrasiv Mnisek, the Winoa group has become the largest manufacturer and world leader in steel shot & grit abrasives. The manufacture of media has repositioned itself and is today mainly manufactured by its sister companies in France, Slovenia, Spain and Russia.   For its part, the Winoa group* is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Numerous actions have been carried out for this special year, including the creation of a long-term agenda based on 3 pillars: expanding our range of products and services; the deployment of a “green” program on sustainability, as well as an intensive digital program. Winoa is therefore reinventing itself to pursue a successful transition for the next 60 years. All under the theme “Shaping the future… together”.

Many things have evolved over the past 60 years, one is the importance of abrasives in manufacturing processes and costs. Initially, steel shot was considered a consumable, a “mandatory” good used for cleaning or preparing surfaces. Now, thanks to new technologies, technical support, the development of high efficiency products such as Premium from W
Abrasives and advanced tools used in process evaluation, shot blasting is no more a simple process, but a well-advanced technique that can be optimized and cost effective. As a result, the total operating costs of shot blasting are now measurable and well rated by many customers. It is therefore possible to create cost reduction plans with specific and measurable ROI targets. Among our customers who have conquered and controlled their blasting operating costs as well as possible, we find Moravia Steel, Skoda Auto a.s., Doosan Bobcat, Linet, Heunisch Foundry and Tatra Metalurgie to name a few only.

To meet these objectives of reducing shot blasting costs, KOVOBRASIV has set up a team of experts called "W Care", dedicated to customer and technical support, which offers advice, machine and process assistance, training as well as wheelblasting machines repairs and adjustments. KOVOBRASIV Mnisek thus offers a complete range of abrasive products (stainless steel, cut wire, high performance grain, etc.), as well as services, analyzes and troubleshooting, and cutting-edge technological tools for its front-line customers.
Locally certified ISO 9001, with warehouses and contact points in the Czech Republic and Poland, Winoa KOVOBRASIV will meet the most demanding needs of its customers ...

We invite you to contact Kovobrasiv Mnisek - a division of Winoa - to learn more about its abrasives, services and technology products.

Ing. Miroslav Maly
Phone: +420 318 533 037
Cell Phone: + 420 603 895 710
National Sales Manager, Czech Republic
Kovobrasiv Mnisek - a division of Winoa

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