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Training for shot blasting operations on turbine-powered machines

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Winoa’s Testing Centers provide irrefutable proof that Winoa is much more than a manufacturer of shot media. Although the production of shot media remains its core business, with these little steel pellets working wonders when it comes to cleaning or improving and enhancing the coating performance of metal surfaces, its second mission is to support its customers by providing manpower, structures, and a genuine service, which translates into actual cost reductions for their blasting operations.

Winoa has no less than six testing centers, where our teams and machines are there to give you a real insight into our expertise. 

As small, human-scale structures, our testing centers reproduce ideal conditions so that the client, regardless of the required application, is offered the opportunity of visualizing, understanding and selecting the parameters that will impact his blasting operations. 

As a crucial element of customer satisfaction, and a key factor of our group-wide success, Winoa capitalizes on our testing centers, by training our clients in blasting operations and welcoming them in a spirit of technical support and sharing, well aware that the best way of earning their trust is by providing quantifiable results.

The Le Cheylas Testing Center opened its doors once again to provide training for shot blasting operations on turbine-powered machines. 

The companies Industeel France, Dillinger and Auto Châssis International sent nine of their employees to our two-day training session, held on November 7 and 8 of this year.

Under the leadership of Philippe Guiguet, Winoa Trainer and Technical Expert, the first day focused on a theoretical presentation and included exercises conducted by the participants and practical demonstrations relating to the Abrasive Mixture and the machine’s functioning, stressing the importance of balanced and stabilized mixtures and proper turbine settings, which are two essential aspects of successful blasting operations. 

Participants also learned how to control the particle size distribution of the abrasive mixture, how to generate the related curves and how to interpret the results of these handling operations. Numerous discussions and exchanges took place between the trainer and the participants on these subjects.

Our clients are able to give ideas and discuss their issues freely as the relationship with our clients is founded on trust. Very often, at the end of this type of training, the client comes away with part of a solution that can be implemented at his own site, or with an appointment for a technical audit within his company; this is what Winoa proudly builds its success upon!

The second day, under the brilliant guidance of Daniel Bognier, Workshop Manager of Le Cheylas Testing Center, focused on practical aspects; participants were given a tour of the machines, examining each of their components to properly understand the way they work, the path taken by the shot media (transport and safety parts), the interaction occurring between various parts of the machine, and to highlight the importance of proper settings (intensity of the blast stream, hot points, separator), of monitoring the abrasive mixture and of conducting maintenance work (wear prevention with adapted equipment).

Several practical exercises were conducted throughout the day (setting the blast stream intensity, hot point, reading and calculation of the coverage rate), and an introduction was given to the use of Almen strips with comparator, of coverage strips with the x 30 binocular magnifier, of the thermal camera, of WA CLEAN, and of WINOA-developed technologies that our clients find highly useful when controlling and monitoring the blasting process. 

The enthusiasm of our trainers is equaled only by that of the participants, who feel that they are being heard and understood as they discover tricks of the trade they hadn’t thought of.
This is one of the many advantages of training sessions given outside our clients’ production facilities, where they can meet other users and where solutions can be found to situations that sometimes turn out to be less complex than initially thought.

Our Testing Center and our trainers offer nothing less than a source of permanent fulfillment to our clients.
They also provide an excellent manner for our technical experts to make the most of our group’s major asset and to demonstrate that the quality of the product, although an essential part of the blasting process, is not its only parameter; indeed, shot blasting is a complex operation, in which numerous parameters are at play and must be considered with as much attention as the quality of the product.

This is why the success of any blasting process relies on a proper understanding of the machine, as well as on experience and expertise. These skills are transmitted in Winoa’s Testing Centers by dedicated trainers who are there to listen to our clients’ concerns.

Our clients are well aware of this and do not hesitate to travel to our centers to take full advantage of this invaluable support.

“All the participants have appreciated the training and the support provided by the WInoa's team”
Philippe Levet, Industeel France / Groupe ArcelorMittal

”The training was very interesting and the trainer displayed excellent teaching skills”
Franck Webber – Dillinger France

“The practical cases are very useful to properly understand and learn the theory! “
Yannick Navuec -Auto Châssis International /Groupe Renault

Winoa would like to thank them for their trust - WINOA’s satisfaction depends entirely on the satisfaction of our clients.      

Our six testing centers continually receive and analyze countless data.

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