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The maintenance Pack

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Beyond the well-known Premium services (testing, training and consulting solutions) which are coming along with Premium products, Winoa is now bringing to its customers a new global offer focussed on maintenance costs reduction : the Maintenance Pack. Indeed, as a global leader and thanks to its extensive network of technical experts, Winoa has developped a large experience on maintenance of blasting machines, through its thousands of customer visits per year. The Maintenance Pack simply comes from the wish to share this precious knowledge, gathered during many years of technical assistance. Concretely, this turn-key solution is build around 3 pillars :

>> Premium product : particulary the new Hybrid Shot range, specially designed to reduce maintenance costs per blasted part by presenting a favorable balance between productivity and machine wear.

>> Premium services : in addition to testing and consulting services, Winoa has regrouped under a unique training module all the knowledge gathered over the years by his valuable team of application experts (WALUE team), who are visiting customers all over the world in order to optimize their blasting process. This training module has been designed both for operators and maintenance teams.

>> Premium technology : controlling and ajdusting blasting wheels’ hot-spots is mandatory for those who want to master their maintenance costs, but it can be a long and fastidious process. Thanks to WA CAM technology, Winoa’s application experts are able to do it on a regular basis, without requiring long machine stops.
Depending on the cases, this Maintenance Pack can bring maintenance costs reduction by up to 30%. Of course, each customer is unique, and the benefits can vary from one machine to the other. In any case, the WA COST technology will estimate the benefits brought by each improvement recommandation before launching any concrete action. Nothing to loose, many opportunities to gain, this is what we call a great deal! 
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