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Granite cutting customers seminar in Brazil

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Pascal Frasson Seminar (IKB)
Winoa offers its granite cutting customers a seminar in Brazil.
WINOA organized a seminar for our Brazilian customers, users of gang-saw machines, introducing main advantages to work with this consolidated technology and associated specific products and services, as well as acknowledged methods of cost and productivity calculation.  
More than 30 participants accepted the joint invitation of WINOA and our Brazilian subsidiary IKK Do Brasil to meet in Cachoeiro, on May 19th for the seminar led together by our Brazilian and French teams, and the Manager of the Business Line Cutting, under the Group’s leading brand: W Abrasives. 
Through the seminar W Abrasives reinforced the confidence of gang-saw users and demonstrated that the method of granite blocks cutting based on this solid tradition remains the good choice. W Abrasives referred to and shared with the participant the results of a comprehensive data analysis collected in these last few years in Brazil, proving the production cost vs multiwire technology is from 15% to 20% in favor of the gang-saw technology. Similar and comparable conclusions have been reached in India and Saudi Arabia 
The seminar positively “awakened” the participants spirits and highlighted the strength of our teams who accompany their customers to address their challenges  related to cutting with gang-saw e and emphasized the advantages of this several decades old technology which continues to prove being the most reliable, consistent and valid answer to granite cutting operations 
Our customers left the seminar convinced that the technology of sawing granite with gang-saws still has a bright future ahead and that our teams are there to contribute and continue the adventure together.
The importance of the event was highlighted by the presence of delegates from the magazine “Rochas de Qualidade”, the most reliable publication in stone sector in Brazil, who will grant the deserved visibility to the Seminar in the next edition of the magazine.
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