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W Abrasives at ACPC, increase for all the Anti-Corrosion knowledge

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W Abrasives VS Corrosion: in the ring!
The story started in 2012 when Winoa’s experts launched ACPC, an exclusive Consortium which gathers together specialists from different companies concerned by the future of pipe coatings, whose objectives are to increase their Anti-Corrosion knowledge.

Engineers from the Consortium are looking for solutions in dust reduction and to share the best practices for pipe coater contractors.

The 5th international Anticorrosion 2018 was held in Austria November 2018, by Winoa Russia and its collaborators (EDER, Strahltechnik and Hempel). More than 30 participants from 19 companies came to Austria to participate. Participants were able to gain information about the most efficient and up-to-date solutions in surface preparation and painting of metal structures, including the exclusive service offer and unique blasting equipment provide by Phenics.


Ecology on the center stage

No one can ignore these days the urgent ecological situation. As Winoa is committed to protecting the environment, the seminar in Austria promoted awareness of using steel abrasives rather than expandable ones. Steel abrasives generate less waste and increase paint adhesion. This conversion also involves the right blasting equipment, and Phenics aroused great interest from the largest contractors.
Still in line with the total operational costs, using steel abrasives is also more economical as it has a long lifetime and can be recycled.

ACPC is also engaged in the environment, the last seminar defined several work packages such as reducing the dust level for pipe coaters. Researching for anti-corrosion solutions is also about increasing the life cycle of the surface. 

The next seminar will take place in March 2019 in Dubai, many new participants will attend the seminar; corrosion should fear the future!

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